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Richie Rosales has been with Team IMPACT since day one and has brought Philippine Men’s OPEN Powerlifting into a whole new realm.  In his short 11 years, he already has won a gold medal at the most prestigious OPEN World Championships; a feat that veteran Filipino powerlifters have been effortlessly striving for in the past 28+ years, since the founding of the Powerlifting Association of the Philippines (PAP) in 1982. It also took him a diminutive 3 years, since his humble introduction to the sport, to become Asian OPEN champion.

 Men’s OPEN powerlifting sensation Richie Rosales has proved that Filipinos can also excel in a sport that is mostly dominated by Europeans.


Short list of achievements:

*First and ONLY Filipino to win GOLD or even just place (4 bronze) at the Men’s World OPEN Powerlifting Championships since the inclusion of the Powerlifting Association of the Philippines in the (International Powerlifting Federation) IPF in 1982.

*ASIAN OPEN BENCH PRESS RECORD HOLDER, 504 lbs @ 173lbs bodyweight, one and only existing record for the Philippines at the OPEN level.

(This 504 lbs bench press happens to be the heaviest lifted by a Filipino regardless of bodyweight.  Also this big feat was done under strict international refereeing at the 2008 Asian Open Powerlifting Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  Due to the change of the IPF in weight classes effective January 1, 2011.  This particular record, stands as the one and only by a Filipino in the Open division,  and it will be frozen and will remain a record for all time.)

*POUND FOR POUND The Strongest Powerlifter and Bench Presser in the Philippines of All Time.  (His total of 727.5kg at 74.7kg bodyweight was officially recorded at the 2008 Men's World Open Championships, in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada under strict refereeing from International referees from various countries.  In addition, this total was drug-tested.)

*5-time Asian OPEN Powerlifting Championships gold medalist

*Two-time Asian OPEN bench press champion.

*Philippine Senate Commendation Awardee.

*Two-time Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) Citation Awardee.

*DRUG-FREE: drug tested negative several times for strength enhancing drugs at the World and Asian Championships by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).

*Highest placing in TOTAL by a Filipino at the Men’s World OPEN Powerlifting Championships, 6th place.

*Multi-record holder, 14 Philippine National Records.

*Philippine Powerlifting Team member from 1999-present.


Best Official Lifts:

At 67.5 kg (148 lbs) weight class:

Squat: 230.5 kg/507 lbs @ 67.5 kg/148 lbs bodyweight

Bench: 180.0 kg/396 lbs @ 67.2 kg/147.8 lbs bodyweight

Deadlift: 242.5 kg/534 lbs @ 67.2kg/ 147.8 lbs bodyweight

Total: 640.0 kg/1408 lbs @ 67.2 kg/ 147.8 lbs bodyweight


At 75 kg (165 lbs) weight class:

Squat: 260.0 kg/572 lbs @ 75 kg/165 lbs bodyweight

Bench Press: 220.0 kg/484 lbs @ 74.6 kg/ 164.1 lbs bodyweight

Deadlift: lbs @ 74.7 kg/164 .3lbs bodyweight

Total: lbs @ 74.7 kg/164.3 lbs bodyweight


At 82.5kg (181 lbs) weight class:

Squat: 265.0kg/583 lbs @ 79.16 kg/174 lbs bodyweight

Bench Press: 229.0 kg/504 lbs @ 78.55 kg/172.8 lbs bodyweight

Deadlift: 260.0kg/572 lbs @ 79.16 kg/174 lbs bodyweight

Total: 750.0kg/1650 lbs @ 79.16kg/174lbs bodyweight


International Competitions:


World OPEN Powerlifting Championships

 2010 – Did not participate due to injury

2009 – GOLD MEDAL BENCH PRESS, New Delhi, India, 82.5kg

2008 – BRONZE MEDAL BENCH PRESS, St. John’s, Canada, 75kg.

2007 – BRONZE MEDAL BENCH PRESS, Soelden, Austria, 82.5kg.

2006 – BRONZE MEDAL BENCH PRESS, Stavanger, Norway, 75kg.

2005 – BRONZE MEDAL BENCH PRESS, Miami, United States, 75kg.


Asian OPEN Powerlifting Championships

2010 – Did not participate due to lack of funding.

2009 -  Did not participate due to lack of funding.

2008 – GOLD, bench press, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

2007 – GOLD, bench press, & bronze, total, Kaoshiung, Taiwan, 82.5kg.

2006 – GOLD, bench press, & bronze, total, Taebaek, Korea, 75kg.

2005 – GOLD, bench press, Allepey, India, 75kg.

2004 – GOLD, bench press, & bronze, deadlift, Zarafshan, Uzbekistan, 75kg.

2003 – Silver, bench press, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 67.5kg.


Asian OPEN Bench Press Championships

2010 -  Injured

2008 -  No funding

2006 – CHAMPION, Manila, Philippines, 82.5kg.

2002 – CHAMPION, New Delhi, India, 82.5kg.

2000 - Silver, Manila, Philippines, 67.5kg.


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- Richie Rosales