About Us

Mirrus Advanced Nutrition Inc.

Since 2003, Mirrus Advanced Nutrition Inc. has been committed to bringing consumers top-quality nutritional supplements through the combination of top-grade ingredients and superior formulation. It is our purpose to help everyone achieve a healthier physical lifestyle through safe and effective supplementation. We constantly look for opportunities to deliver more value to our customers by providing high-quality products at very competitive prices.

Our main product - IMPACT High Performance Whey Protein, is currently being used in various fitness and sports medicine programs in schools and professional teams in the country. It is our goal to provide our consumers, not only athletes, tested and result oriented products.

In line with this, Mirrus Advanced Nutrition has branched out into distribution of other top quality brands of sports nutrition supplements. These wide range of new products, which rank among the best in the world, are aimed at promoting health and physical wellbeing with a special focus on improved performance for various physical activities.