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IMPACT High Performance Whey Protein (1lb)
IMPACT Double Chocolate 1lb Double Chocolate French Vanilla Coffee Caramel

IMPACT High Performance Whey Protein provides you with superior quality whey protein. It contains one of the highest concentrations of protein commercially available in form of hydrolized Whey Protein Isolates This is whey protein in its purest form. Containing 90% or more protein and containing little to no fat. Lactose or cholesterol.

IMPACT High Performance Whey Protein offers you superior quality protein with an uncompromised taste. It is downright delicious.

We put significant value to your money by bringing a new alternative: IMPACT High Performance Whey Protein lets you receive superior quality protein in a delicious drink at a very affordable price.

IMPACT Whey Highlights:

. Up to 24g Protein

. Downright delicious

. Low in carbs and low in fat

. Instant Mixability

. High Protein %

. Specially formulated to maximize your workout

. Fast Acting


Retail Price: 750php



Im 18 years old and skinny. I started using IMPACT HIGH PERFORMANCE WHEY PROTEIN and used it as a supplement for about a month and I gained muscle mass quickly!


Impact helped my father a lot when he was sick and weak. It was highly recommended by our therapist. Now, he is back to his old self, strong and playing bowling again. He is 83 yrs old by the way. 

Jose Ma. C. Enriquez

Impact double choco is the best whey I've tasted! Awesome value for price.

Dennis Castro

My surgeon recommended this product after my operation. I thought impact was just something body builders took but he explained to me that post-operation patients like me especially need protein to recover quickly from the trauma of the surgery.

Now my rehab therapist calls me his "prodigy patient" since I am recovering faster than the rest! Thanks impact!

Darryl Florendo

I gained serious muscle after taking IMPACT 30 minutes after my workouts. Great stuff!

Angelo Torres