Im 18 years old and skinny. I started using IMPACT HIGH PERFORMANCE WHEY PROTEIN and used it as a supplement for about a month and I gained muscle mass quickly!


Thanks to Mirrus, I lost 38 lbs of fat in 3 months and gained lean muscle mass. IMPACT WHEY PROTEIN exceeded all my expectations for gains, solubility, and flavor. Try the coffee caramel with skim milk: no difference from milkshakes.

Terry Ridon, physician

impact high performance whey protein double chocolate flavor really works for me..great taste!

Rhyan Brian Simbulan

boost next level creatine really BOOST my performance in the gym and in the game.

Rhyan Brian Simbulan

Impact helped my father a lot when he was sick and weak. It was highly recommended by our therapist. Now, he is back to his old self, strong and playing bowling again. He is 83 yrs old by the way. 

Jose Ma. C. Enriquez

Impact double choco is the best whey I've tasted! Awesome value for price.

Dennis Castro

My surgeon recommended this product after my operation. I thought impact was just something body builders took but he explained to me that post-operation patients like me especially need protein to recover quickly from the trauma of the surgery.

Now my rehab therapist calls me his "prodigy patient" since I am recovering faster than the rest! Thanks impact!

Darryl Florendo

I finally got some bulk after taking this for a month. I've been skinny my whole life and finally have some mass! Thanks Megagainer!

William Chua

I gained serious muscle after taking IMPACT 30 minutes after my workouts. Great stuff!

Angelo Torres

French vanilla mixes great with fruit shakes. High protein content too!

Michael Lim

I've never had cramps on races ever since I took accel. 

Mike Santos

Accel gel agrees well with my stomach, even if I didn't wash it down with water. Vanilla flavor tastes really good under the sun and I don't know why.

Ralph Ong