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Have You Ever Really Overtrained

Posted on: May 21, 2015 11:01 AM

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Have You Ever Really Overtrained? 

Have you ever really overtrained? Maybe. Overtraining, or should we call it under recovering? Overtraining does not just occur from being in the gym too long.  It comes down to a simple equation.  The more you train, and the harder you work, the more effort you must put into the recovery process. 

How hard are you actually pushing yourself? Are you striving to improve from your lastovertraining q1.pngworkout, striving to increase weight, get an extra rep while weight training, and go an additional tenth of a mile in the same time frame of that cardio session? Or are you just going through the motions and quitting when you get 10 reps, taking a few minutes to check your notifications before doing another set?

What do you do at night? Are you having a few drinks with your coworkers after such a rough day of sending e-mails and sitting in meetings? Are you eating a few oreos because you ate clean all day and your cravings are killing you? Maybe you’re tending your family, food prepping for the next day, and packing your gym bag with everything you’ll need. 

Throughout the exciting journey of contest prep, I have learned that overtraining is a true term.  However, some people use it as an excuse to skip a workout and be lazy.  I don’tovertraining q2.pngbelieve I’ve ever “overtrained.” I know what fatigue feels like, I know what mental exhaustion feels like, but that is not the same.  The time when I compete is aligned with the slow season of the business I run.  This gives me more time and energy devoted to training and recovery.  This strategy actually gives me increased energy and the drive I need to continue making strength gains while cutting fat. 

The moral of this story is you might be overtraining, but more than likely, you’re not living the lifestyle outside of the gym.  If you’re losing weight, have no appetite, can’t sleep, feeling depressed, having injuries, and becoming ill, you may be overtraining.  If you’re simply unmotivated, tired, and or lethargic, take a serious look at your nutrition, alcohol consumption, and sleep patterns.  You can’t out work a bad diet.  Our bodies are stronger than our minds.  If we give our bodies the adequate fuel and rest, our limitations are much greater than we think. 

Written by Tyler Andrew,




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