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Five Smarter Ways To Do Cardio

Posted on: Aug 8, 2013 2:06 PM

Featured story August 8, 2013


Five Smarter Ways To Do Cardio 

Don’t waste hours on the treadmill. Check out these five ways to get the most out of your cardio training.
5. Do easy steady state for fat loss and general conditioning
Although steady-state or low-level aerobic cardio often gets trashed in favor of high-intensity sprint intervals, slower cardio still deserves a place in your program. Although it may not be the most effective manner of raising your capacity for running and biking, it can be useful for recovery days and as an addition to a solid routine to increase activity without overtraining. By working out at a moderate heart rate (around 65-70%), you can increase blood flow to working muscles without causing an intense training stimulus, perfect for a day in between hard lifting sessions. Although it shouldn’t be the main staple of your program, incorporate one to two days of easier cardio in your program either as a starting point for harder work or a break from hard workouts to ease your mind and body. 


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