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Make Gratitude Your Attitude

Posted on: Jun 19, 2014 9:05 PM

Featured story June 19, 2014


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Fitness. It’s the first thing some think about every January 1st or when they have an upcoming event where they want to look amazing but it’s the last thing to be checked off on our giant “to do” list. We look at fitness as “a thing” we have to do to look better, to lose weight or gain muscle. For many of us it has a negative connotation – something we have to suffer through in order to reach a certain goal. “No pain, no gain”. But what if we looked at fitness with a whole different attitude – gratitude.  Something to be thankful and grateful for.

When we think of being grateful, we think of the BIG things in life – a roof over our heads, a job that pays the bills and a family that gratitude q 1.pngloves us. But what about the smaller things like being able to walk up a flight of stairs, play in the yard with your family and the ability to move? Our fitness is often over looked and taken for granted. It’s something we’ll focus on when we have more. More time, more money, more incentive.  But what if your fitness abilities were taken away from you?

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Fitness isn’t all about fitting into your favorite clothes. It’s about how great moving makes you feel and the awesome things you can accomplish with the incredible body you have. When our ability to use our bodies is taken from us, we regret the things we didn’t do gratitude q 2.pngwhen we could have. You hurt your knees and you wish you could take up running. You break your arm and you wish you could toss the ball with your kids/family. So why not try living without regret and doing things just because you can. I’m not usually one to toot my own horn, but in the last year and a half alone, I ran the distance of the United States. My body and fitness allowed me to put one foot in front of the other for 3500 miles. I didn’t do it to lose weight, win a contest or because someone was chasing me. I did it because I could. And I am extremely grateful that my body and fitness level allowed me to experience every mile of it.

I challenge you to look at fitness in a whole new light – with gratitude. Walk into the gym with a positive attitude. Be thankful that you can ask your body to do something and it will do it. Be grateful for the pride you feel after a great workout. And most of all, appreciate the amazing moments you will experience when you are grateful for what you have.

Tip: Did you know that your level of fitness is what got you here? Before you were born, you “ran” the most important race of your life. In essence, you competed in a race to the distance of the moon against the entire population of the US and Japan and you won.  In the survival of the fittest, you won the ultimate prize – life. What are you going to do with your prize?



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