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Can You Outwork Your Bad Diet?

Posted on: Apr 15, 2016 7:02 PM

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Can You Outwork Your Bad Diet?

"Out work your bad diet" Now I don’t use it to describe a miracle workout I use it as a quote to remind people how NOT to think. You see, many people these days, maybe yourself included, have the mentality that if they workout hard enough they’re going to burn off that pizza and ice cream or Mexican food they had for lunch. This is absolutely untrue and let me give you an example of why. If that Mexican lunch you had was at lets say…Chipotle, and you had just a burrito, not bad right?  You could work that off in a good gym session couldn’t you? Well lets say you choose to hit the treadmill to burn it off, the burrito was roughly 1250 calories (not to mention made the list of the “20 worst foods in America” but im not going to go there in this article) you burn an estimated 100 calories per mile so you’d have to run a quick half marathon and you’d break even! This example was simply one item from the day so you can imagine how quickly those calories can add up and how improbable it is that one would be able to ‘work it off”.

A big reason we think this way is because there is always that late night DVD for sale that promises easy results or a snake oil potion supplement that allows you to eat whatever you want and lose weight. These companies know the truth but they flourish because we hold on to that hope that there will one day be that magic pill or exercise and continue to buy all of their garbage. The reality is that to achieve the body you desire it will take sacrifice, hard work, and commitment with your workouts AND your diet. There is no supplement or workout that will allow you to eat everything under the sun and still get the results you desire without implementing a sound nutrition program. So for those of you out there looking to get in shape and start a fitness program remember to ask if a nutrition plan is included and how extensive it is, this will help ensure your results and save you money in the long run.

Written By Nadia Lopez



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